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Two childhood best friends, one last chance at love, everything to lose.

Nathan Sharpe’s path in life was clear from the moment he first picked up a baseball. He never thought anything would rival his love of the game… until he fell for Brenna Quinn—the girl next door, his high school teammate, his best friend. They were the couple everyone expected to last. Then a scandalous affair hit too close to home and upended their world. After high school, Brenna and Nathan each left their hometown, never expecting to see it—or each other—again.

Six years later, Nathan’s father leaves them an inheritance—his house, his business, and four cats—but only if they accept it together. Neither of them can afford to walk away from the opportunity to flip these properties. Brenna needs the money to support a custody fight for her sister. And Nathan, fearing his baseball career might be cut short by a shoulder injury, needs a safety net.

But working and living together proves their history may not be in the past at all. It isn’t long before Nathan and Brenna remember why they fell in love all those years ago. Resisting the blazing attraction between them is almost as impossible as overcoming their painful past. But maybe it will be okay… they’re only stuck together for the time being.

Fans of Mariana Zapata and C.W. Farnsworth will enjoy this dual-POV steamy small-town romance featuring second chance, friends to lovers, and forced proximity tropes, with Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) representation.

Content warnings: discussion of parental affair and divorce (in past); one instance of cheating (in past); emotionally-manipulative parent 

Male hockey player standing back to back with woman whose arems are crossed. Play Your Part cover.

Three months. Two enemies. One goal. Zero time for distractions.

Kennedy Cole’s life stalled one year ago after she tragically lost her mom. She abandoned her plans to finish college and quit working for her family’s professional hockey team, the Palmer City Wolves. She’s finally ready to move forward with Wolves star player Justin Ward at her side, but when he’s traded to another team, he hightails it out of town, leaving Kennedy behind.

Alexei Volkov is known for his hotheaded reputation, on-ice antics, and rivalry with Justin. After being fired by his last team, the Wolves offer Alexei a one-year contract to prove he can stay out of trouble. When a misleading photo of Kennedy and Alexei in a compromising position goes viral, his career is in jeopardy, along with the team’s public image.

Alexei wants nothing to do with the sassy brunette who got him into this mess. Kennedy would rather avoid the arrogant hockey player. But pretending to date each other can fix the negative press. The agreement was simple: three months together, with clearly outlined rules. But the more time Kennedy and Alexei spend together, the harder it becomes to fight the sizzling chemistry between them, making it difficult to know where pretense ends and reality begins.

Fans of Elle Kennedy, Mariana Zapata, and C.W. Farnsworth will enjoy this dual-POV steamy contemporary romance featuring enemies-to-lovers and fake-dating tropes.

Content warnings: discussion of grief over death of a mother

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